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Meet Lori-Ann Tracey-Nicely

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Lori-Ann is a fierce, tactical and inspirational leader who has the capacity of transforming her atmosphere. Growing up in Jamaica and having spent most of her life in the United Kingdom, she is highly cultured and knows how to adapt well in her surroundings. She is known for her partnerships with people of all backgrounds in order to help them reach their highest potential. After spending over a decade in the Optical Industry, Lori-Ann knows what it takes to partner with stakeholders, to build lasting relationships and how to develop a rewarding career. She has held various professions such as Learning Support Officer, Trainer & Practice Manager. After overcoming a series of life challenges, Lori-Ann decided to pursue a career in empowering individuals to overcome difficult situations.

Lori-Ann's inspirational messages are straight from the pages of her own life. Starting her speaking platform whilst delivering training sessions at work and church events, years later she delivers presentations at youth workshops and business seminars. Lori-Ann has earned a reputation as an inspirational, educational, and transformational messenger with an innate ability to speak on a large scope of topics to audiences of all ages. Taking her messages to a greater depth of vibrancy, Lori-Ann weaves her inspirational and transformation message into her presentations. Not one to share canned speeches, Lori-Ann customizes every talk she gives to each unique audience she encounters. In addition to exposing her successes, Lori-Ann transparently reveals some of the enormous challenges she has faced in both her professional and her personal life, and more importantly she shares how she overcame them and grew from them.

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