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Keeping the dream alive in a world full of complexities can be challenging. Please join with me as I share these life changing experiences with you. Also don't be afraid to like, comment or share any of these blogs. Thank you for stopping by!

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  • Lori-Ann

Knowing when to stop!!

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

I'm writing this with no filters because I believe in authenticity. Here's something I learned about hard times; it's knowing when it becomes too much and knowing when to STOP. It took me a while to comprehend this, but I had to learn the importance of hitting the "brakes" before a breakdown. Here are some of the signs that I have before a breakdown: lack of appetite, feeling constantly ill, lethargic, always wanting my own space, not being able to have social conversations, wanting to be indoors and so much more. On top of this I am not usually one to openly talk about going through a difficult time, I usually tend to hide away and try to find my own solutions. So when God realised that He could not force me to confide in others, He sent me a friend who would always know when to call, always know when I'm not okay and would always be the one to pull me out of a dark place. I had to realise how important it is to have a safe space where you can express yourself and not be judged. It is important to have a confidant, a counsellor or a friend. Too many times I have not been able to relay my intent to others because of how in depth my thought processes can be, but learning to communicate with others and allowing them to experience how I feel was truly a learning process. At times I have had to paint a picture in my mind in order to see my circumstances from someone elses point of view and to my surprise this has really helped me.

Consequently when life pressures become too much of a burden, I usually have to STAND STILL. I usually have to take time off work, take time from social activities, to rest and find someone to share these burdens with. Most importantly, praying and asking God to help me through these difficult times have always given me direction. Unfortunately at times, circumstances do not get better immediately but eventually with time we will always start swimmimg again. It is no secret that some circumstances have left me traumatised but having learned to pump the 'brakes' before the crash has been my secret to overcoming some of life's most gruesome challenges.

Take as much time to will need it.

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